Friday, May 24, 2013

Bringing home your new kitten

It is important that you introduce your new kitten or cat into the home properly.  Before you bring the kitten home set up a quiet room free of other animals and places to hide.  Probably your kitten will be rambunctious and ready to play, however this is a whole new place for your kitten.   Also they need to learn where all the important things are food, litter etc..   Keep the kitten in one room letting it out while you are with him/her for a little while each day.  Make the transition between the one room to the whole house slowly, take your time.  You will know when he/she is comfortable enough with their new home to enjoy it all.

Look for future post on how to introduce your pet to other animals. 

Breeders should keep all cats isiolated for 30 days upon arrival.  Only after quarinteen and all health test, can they be around other breeding cats.