Monday, May 27, 2013

What food is good for my cat?

As with all pets it is important to pick good food for your cat.  First step to picking a good food is to google the brand you want to buy.  Make sure that they are not on the list of foods that have poisoned our cats and dogs.  If you are unaware there is some real horror stories out there :(  If you are the type that can handle it look for yourself on YouTube (not recommended for you will not be able to un-see the horror once seen).  
Moving on, the very most important thing (besides what i listed above) is to make sure that MEAT is the first ingredient fish, chicken or beef does not matter NOT A BY-PRODUCT, NOT CORN etc.. 
A MEAT.    If you have the time energy and know how the best idea is to make your own food.  If you are interested and cannot find a good recipe let me know :)
Reaserch EVERYTHING you put on in or around your pets!  Including flee meds, foods, toys, litter and houseplants.