Tuesday, May 7, 2013

Scottish Kilt Kittens For Sale (Munchkin x Scottish Fold)

At this time it is hard to find a breeder of Scottish kilt kittens, and if you can find one the best way to get one is get added to the breeders waiting list.  First come first serve does not work here.  I have very few kittens the same for other breeders at this time.   The breeder will place the kitten where he/she thinks they will be provided for best.  They will pick the home that will spoil the kitten.   In other words Scottish Kilt breeders are not forced to place/sell the kittens to anyone with money.  The homes in which these baby's are placed are carefully chosen. 
So let your breeder know about your home.  Let your breeder know you want to spoil and love a Scottish Kilt kitten.